Do you have some talent as a graphic artist and think you can create a cool, kick-ass banner for Road Rage Cards? Submit your banner now. If we use it, we'll send you a free Road Rage Card book!

Rules and Terms:
1. Don't ask us how to create a banner. We will not instruct you. You must already know (technically) how to create a banner.
2. The banner you submit should be animated. It can be a either a gif or it can be flash. It must be 468 x 60.
3. Submit a compressed version of the graphic, not the original source files. If we like it and want to use it, then you must give us the original source file. (Photoshop file, or whatever you used to create the banner so if we need to edit it, we can).
4. If you want graphics to use to create your banners from, you can take them from the graphics throughout the website. (All graphics are owned and copyright protected by Road Rage Cards. They are only provided for use in creating banners for us. You may not use these graphics for any other purpose than advertising our website or product.)
5. Make your banner cool, creative, enticing, shocking, etc. We won't chose your banner if it's boring or drab.
6. If we chose to use your banner, you will receive compensation of one free Road Rage Card book. This will be your only compensation (along with a big thank you and wet kiss, if you happen to stop by our office!).
7. We will contact the winners. Please do not contact us.
Email your banner to: