ROAD RAGE CARDS featured in the NY POST
November 30th, 2004
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Rude car signs are the 'rage'
By Bill Hoffmann

The next time some jerk cuts you off on the road, get even - with Road Rage Cards.

The potty-mouthed placards, which can be flashed from the car window, scream such not-so-subtle sentiments as: "WAKE THE F--- UP, YOU IDIOT!" and "I HOPE YOU CRASH AND DIE!"

They're the brainchild of Aaron Schwarz and Mika Larson, a Las Vegas couple who got fed up with road hogs who make their daily drives miserable.

"We got sick of yelling out the window, so we designed these cards that describe exactly the way we feel," Larson told The Post.

The cards, which come in a book of 43 for $19.95, have been on sale for a week on the Web, and there have been thousands of responses.

Not all the cards contain profanity, but almost all are in questionable taste.

For those who gab away on their phones while driving, one card reads: "I HOPE THAT CELL PHONE GIVES YOU CANCER."

And for motorists who want you to notice how great their pricey sports car is, another reads: "NICE CAR! (YOU'RE STILL A BITCH!)"

"Not everybody likes them," said Larson. "Some say it's the last thing we need in the world, but others say, 'Right on!'".